Top 10 Movies of 2013 So Far

When it comes to films, you need to look at the calendar differently. It is essentially split into two – the one prior to fall and one after fall. So you can expect the mid levels till May along with a few nominal blockbusters. Summer tends to bring out the big sequels and some well received indies. But most of the big guns will bring out their best when Oscar season flags off in the beginning of September. Keeping this in mind we give below the top picks before the big guns come out:

Top 10 Movies of 2013 So Far

At number 10 we have “Stories We Tell”: This one is very skillfully put together and carries immense emotional punch. It is the personal documentary of the director Sarah Polley and has many memories of the family. It has secrets that make it fascinating and is a reflection on how different people view the same truth and talk about it.

Stories We Tell
At number 9 we have “Mud”: This one is a quite and laid back southern based movie that nicely mixes together Dickens and Twain for a simple and touching story that talks about coming of age in the Bayou. It is about a young boy meeting a ex convict by chances which brings his notions of love come crashing down. It is the 3rd feature of Jeff Nichols

At number 8 we have “Frances Ha” : This movie by Noah Baumbach is romantic comedy with essentially no romance. Greta Gerwig is a character who is unique and her growth has nothing whatsoever to do with finding a mate.

frances ha
At number 7 we have “The East”: This is a complex thriller that takes place in a eco terrorist cell. The moral aspects are looked at and characters are realistic. The pace is good and the whole movie has a message without trying to preach.

the east
At number 6, we have “Blue Jasmine”: It portrays a superb performance by Cate Blanchett where she has a breakdown in slow motion and this mesmerizes you. You despise it but cannot help but pity and sympathize with her due to the sheer humanity that is projected.

blue jasmine
At number 5, we have “The World’s End”: This one is really funny and very entertaining while still retaining a real sense of the world. It shows the takeover of corporates, the effect of time passing on friends and the essence of how human ego can be both unique and really self destructive.

At number 4, we have “Short Term 12”: This shows the life of a young duo who try to deal with kids who are damaged by abuse and based in a foster care facility. It is touching without being sentimental or predictable. Brie Larson with her dealing of the kids without taking any bullshit but at the same time with compassion leaves you touched.

Short Term 12
At number 3, we have “Upstream Color”: Though there is a plot and characters the who movie is based on the logic of emotions and dreams. Once you give in to the flow of the movie, you will really enjoy the ride. You will find yourself gasping with awe.

At number 2, we have “Before Midnight”: This one is the end to a trilogy Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke are captivating dance around the others’ alter egos who even after two decades have elapsed and many trips to Europe are full of complexities and layers that are hitherto unexplored,. It works when viewed by itself or even as the last part of the trilogy

At number 1, we have “The Grandmaster”:  This one is lovely and stylish depicting martial arts. It is rumored to be a biopic of Ip Man, who is the teacher of Bruce Lee. It is quite stylish and touchingly romantic and has some amazing fighting sequences.


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