10 Ultimate Watches for Runners

We are talking about devices that will provide you the calories you have burned, the rate of your heart beat and the route you are on and not just the time. This is something that would interest most people who are serious about running or jogging for health benefits.

Soleus FIT 1.0: Soleus makes claims to provide you things you known you want and some you don’t even know that you want, especially for a watch that is entry level. It is water resistant up to 3om and also has an inbuilt battery that is rechargeable. It is quite spot on about measuring the pace, the speed, the distance and the calories expended and is really simple to use.

Soleus FIT 1.0
Nike+ SportWatch GPS: This one can easily be classified as having one of the fastest GPS signal along with a running watch. This is enhanced by the fact that it is powered by TomTom. It is waterproof and also quite stylish and will keep updating you on the distance covered, the count of laps, the location as well as the number calories burned up.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS
Garmin Forerunner 610: This is quite small and you can wear it as you would any other watch during the course of the day and also has a touchscreen and alerts you with vibration. It has functions well with GPS and has a lot of good features packed in , but this makes the battery life limited.

Garmin Forerunner 610
Timex Run Trainer 2.0: This one is really groundbreaking, having high resolution, and also has the next generation GPS. It is great for athletes too with the simple usage menu and interface that it logically makes monitoring speed, distance and pace easy. You also have reminders to eat and drink.

Timex Run Trainer 2.0
Garmin Forerunner 10: This is correctly priced for a watch that is light and small and good for entry level users. It is waterproof and comes in many colors.

Garmin Forerunner 10
Polar RC3: This is the first integrated GPS watch that has new Orange and Tour de France formats also coming out. It is great for heart rate and calorie data along with distance and pulse. It also gives endurance level along with the record of the route you are taking.

Polar RC3
Nike Fuelband: This is a watch that makes you wonder how you survived before it came along is lightweight and soft touch. It looks much  like jewelry than a watch but is quite technically advanced too. It will measure the activity you undertake and also the calories you have expended and will synchronize with your iPhone and display the result.

Nike Fuelband
Suunto Ambit2 S HR: This is more suited to people running on offbeat tracks than city based runners. It is on the bigger side and has a simple and nice design that is really simple in usage. It is also compatible with many Suunto applications that are out there.

Suunto Ambit2 S HR
Scosche Rhythm Pulse Monitor: This one is a great substitute for a monitor for your heart rate and will alert you when the rate of heartbeat moves out of the range that you have defined. It can also keep track of statistics like distance, the pace and the calories expended. It will even track the places you go when you are out on a trail. It is really simple in usage.

Scosche Rhythm Pulse Monitor
Suunto Quest Running Pack: People who are passionate about running will acquire all that is in this pack and will use it to test out their limits. It has Movestick Mini, Suunto Quest, Foot Pod Minu and also Dual comfort belt. You will soon find it really helpful in planning, plugging, playing and keeping track of your progress.

Suunto Quest Running Pack


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