Want To Know About The Most Beautiful Flowers In The World? Read On!

Each of us have our own take on what makes flowers so appealing. Some believe it is the fragrance of the flower that makes it so alluring while others believe that it is the beauty of the flower that makes it so irresistible. While we all have different favorites and preferences when it comes to the flower that we like the most, we are sure that we can all agree that they have a definite appeal. While we can find out more about all the great benefits of traveling, we can tell you that one of them is getting to see great vistas of nature like different flowers from different regions.

Even when you look at wanderlust landscapes pictures from this beautiful big world, you will find pictures of many new flowers to make your heart happy. The world of tattoos is also not untouched by the appeal that flowers have as is evidenced by these lovely nature tattoo designs.

Here Is A List Of What We Consider Are The Most Beautiful Flowers In The World:


Plumeria: The look of this flower is as appealing as the fragrance of this flower is making it one of the most appealing flowers that can be found around the world.

oriental poppy

Oriental Poppy: This flower is not a native of the Orient but to the Turkey and comes in many colors like white, pink, red and even multi-colored.

lily of the valley

Lily Of The Valley: We can see that even the name of the flower hints at the beauty of the flower. This delicate flower with its lovely fragrance is the kind that inspires even ordinary people to become poets and is also known as the “Our Lady’s tears”.

white lotus

The White Lotus: Also called the tiger lily, this species of flower blooms more in southeast Asia and the east African areas. These blossoms float on the surface of the pond with the support of lily pads.


Tulips: The very word brings to the mind those fields full of colored flowers that are often shown from an aerial point of view. Though we think of tulips as being Dutch, the actual commercial origin of the flower is credited to Iran.


The Rose: We know that this flower has made women go crazy with joy, driven men to poetry and the fragrance is universally appealing. One gives roses for various occasions with each color of this flower having a different connotation. Not only is this flower valued for the look and the fragrance but is also used for actual consumption in various preparations in perfumes that are sprayed and preserves that are eaten.


Canna: Often known as the canna lily though it is not an actual lily, this flower is very pretty to look at and thereby considered as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

bleeding heart

Bleeding heart: With a name like that we can imagine that the flower will live up to the name and it does. It comes red, pink or white colors and can be found in shady gardens.


Dahlia: These are native to areas like Colombia, Central America and Mexico and are considered tuberous, bushy and perennial plants. Their beauty is the kind that will appeal to the onlooker due to the robust and healthy appearance of the flower.

cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom: There is a cold and colorful appeal to these flowers that is universally accepted as the symbol of beauty. In fact there is a festival that celebrates this blossom so you can imagine the kind of appeal this flower has for those who look at it.

We are sure that when you make a list of the most beautiful flowers, you will come up with a different list altogether, as this is a matter of personal preference. Do let us know which flowers that you find as the most appealing and why.

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