10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age

It’s very common that after a certain age, we all start becoming old mentally. That’s not so bad. But growing old physically effects a lot. When we are in our 30’s, we start thinking that we have already grown old and various health issues pop up in our body. But that’s the thing very dangerous. You should not grow old so early. The only way to prevent aging process is keeping your body in shape and fit. The only way that can help you is Yoga. It’s your only friend that really helps you in keeping your body fit and healthy and as result gives you a company in your anti-aging fight. So you should obviously try out the Yoga in your regular life. Here are some asanas that will help you to prevent old age.

Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age:

1. Equal Standing: This asana will actually develop an awareness of postural tendencies in you. Stand bare feet, on a yoga mat with your feet parallel to each other and arms straight hanging at the sides. Now turn your full focus on the feet and try to distribute your body weight. Without lifting your soles, try to move backward, forward or side-by-side to keep your body in an equal distribution. So all the weight should be in the centre. Now move your chin back so that the skull is balanced on the spine. Close your eyes and take deep breath.

2. Moving Meditation: Stand with your feet together, toes a bit forward and knees slightly bent. Now relax your arms at both the sides. Lift your chest, roll your shoulders back, and down. Look straight and take deep breath. Raise your arms out to the side release the breath and bent forward from your hips keeping your arms extended in front to touch the feet or floor. Hold in this position for seconds and then slowly return back to the starting position. Repeat the same three times.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 2

3. Tree Pose: Stand straight looking ahead on the floor and then slowly put all your body weight on the left foot. Bring your hands in the prayer position. Open the right hip and leg and support the right toe down the left calf. If you notice that your balance is not steady, put your right leg down immediately. Now take a few breathe deeply and then repeat the same with opposite side.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 3

4. Warrior II: Stand with your feet apart and right foot slightly pointing the side and left foot turned in. Now keep your torso facing forward. Slowly bend your right knee raise your arms and out them out like as shown in the image. Turn your head right and hold it for 15-20 seconds. Repeat the same in opposite side.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 4

5. Squat: Stand straight with your feet together and both the arms at side. Now keeping the knees and feet together, try to go in a sitting position as you are sitting in a chair. Go far till you are comfortable and feeling balanced. But try to challenge your muscles. Put your arms straight forward to maintain the balance. It will help you to keep your joints and knees healthy.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 5

6. Seated Twist: Sit cross-legged in a yoga mat with your arms extended. Now take a deep, breathe, and exhale.
Twist gently to the right and lower your left hand towards the right thigh and your right hand behind you. Try to look over the right shoulder. Hold in this position for 20 seconds and then try out in the opposite direction.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 6

7. Inverted L: Place a pillow next to your wall. Position yourself in such a manner that your hips are above the pillow and your legs are resting on the wall. Your feet should be 12 inches apart. Angle your arms out to the sides and palms faced upwards. Actually, your hips should be slightly higher than your chest. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for at least a minute or more. But remember to skip this pose when you are in a menstruation period.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 7

8. Reclining Angle: Sit on a mat with your knees bent and feet flat. Place a pillow just behind your tailbone and two pillows on the either sides of your knees. Lower your knees so the soles of your feet are together and each of the knees are on the pillow. Now using your hands, lie back so your spine and head are on the pillow. Angle your arms out to the sides with your palms up. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for at least 1 minute.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 8

9. Downward Dog: This asana is also very useful which you will have to start with hands and knees. Put your wrists under shoulder and your knees under hips. All the finger should be spread wide. Look behind and see that the feet are about hip width apart. Now reach the tailbone towards the ceiling. Keep the heels high off the floor and a slight bend in the knees. Slowly straighten the knees and lower the heels towards the floor. This may be a bit uncomfortable for you but try it slowly. Try to balance your whole body on hands and feet. Hold in this position for 20 seconds.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 9

10. Child’s Pose: Lie upside down on your Yoga mat and with your legs together and slide your hands beneath the shoulder. Push up, bend your knees and sit back on your heels. Now lower the chest to your thighs and your head towards the floor. Keep your arms stretched outside. Hold in this position for 30-40 seconds.

10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Old Age 10

Trying out these yoga asanas and they are not that easy during the first few days. You will feel a bit uncomfortable stretching your muscles. But after few days, it will be completely comfortable to you. So don’t give up and have some patience to get the real effect.

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