7 Feng Shui Mistakes That You Should Avoid

All of us live for a life that is filled with plenty of opportunities, good health, love, happiness and also lots of energy. Feng Shui is a way of ensuring that your surroundings are in harmony and the flow of energy is positive so that all the good things you desire come to you. Feng Shui works towards making this happen, but there could be some mistakes that could happen in this regard. Read about what they are and ensure that you stay away from them.


Some who are skeptics or reluctant about making changes may blame it on the space they have and the restrictions these impose for not making the changes. But wherever possible try and make the changes to the extent possible:

Pushing one side of the bed against the wall: This sort of positioning of the bed will hinder the proper circulation of energy. Sleeping is one activity that is supposed to help us regain the energy that we have lost during the day and this position will not allow this to happen. Another thing tactically speaking it also hinders your escape if attacked. A not so good positioning of the bed will make you feel less than refreshed even after a good night’s sleep. Plus not having the space for you lover to enter and leave will also put you in a bad position relationship wise.

1 Smooshing one side of your bed tight up against a wall.

Entrances and hallways that are dark: The place that you use to enter your home as well as the actual entrance of your home is something that looks negative, feels scary and also not good from the Feng Shui point of view. The entrance to your home should be convenient and well lit for things to be positive and prosperous. Do get rid of things that hinder the entry area and add some lights.

2Dark Hallways & Entrances are really sad and even terrifying!

Having a TV in the bedrooms is not good: First of all it is not good for a health relationship plus the TV can produce bad vibes at an electrical level and on a psychological level too. You are letting yourself be influenced by the messages that the TV sends you even as you drift off to sleep.


Not repairing faulty plumbing: As far as plumbing is concerned, the sooner you get it corrected the better off you are. It is the case with most things at home but the plumbing at home is symbolic of your energy flow. And having this draining away will reflect on every aspect of your life.


Horrific art in places where people gather: While art is a matter of personal choice, some things are scary to everyone. Ad this includes gory stuff related to war, stuffed animals and other equally horrible things. Do not keep such art in places where people spend a lot of time like the living room or dining area.


Mirrors that face each other: The energy flow in such cases gets bounced back and forth and creates a vortex that is difficult, stuck and not at all positive.


Dead plants at home or any other area: If you mean to denote that life does not flourish at your home then you can keep dead plants around. But if that is not what you want please get rid of the dead plants at once.


The best part about Feng Shui is that making those little changes will have a big impact on the positive vibes that resonate in your home. After all who does not wish for the flow of positive energy, happiness, prosperity and good health around the space they live in?

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