30 Beautiful Examples Of Easy Origami Animals

The first thing that we would like to tell you about simple and basic origami is that it is quite simple to do and quite affordable. One may assume that this simple yet fascinating art of origami is more suited to children and why would a grownup want to do this? Here are a few reasons that tell you why this art of folding paper will suit you just fine:

  1. Suited for all skill levels: Origami can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. This means, if you want a lengthy involved product, you will find one and if you are looking for an easy one, then you will find that too. This makes it idea for all age levels.
  2. Makes you concentrate better: As you grow in age it is important to keep the brain active. Origami helps you do that.
  3. Enhances the motor skills: The whole process of folding the paper properly and creating creases is good for coordination between hand and eyes as well as improving motor skills.
  4. It can be done at any place: You can do origami at any place you want to as long you can find a flat surface. Which makes it ideal for passing time while traveling or waiting for appointments.
  5. It is really affordable: Since Origami calls for paper, a few instructional diagrams and a flat area, it is really affordable.

Plus there is a definite satisfaction to be had from doing something completely with your own hands.


How to get started on Basic Origami: With origami you have to remember that all you need is paper and the directions on what to do. You are not allowed to use tape, glue, staplers

Origami Paper

When you are starting out to learn this art of folding paper, you can start with the paper you find lying around. It could be from any source and all you need to do is cut a square of the size that is indicated in the directions. Most of the papers that you will find around the house will be thin and thereby easier to fold. Some people even use newspapers but the ink tends to stain the hands. The use of card like paper does not work due to the thickness.


You may go out and buy paper that is specially used for origami. This will cut into squares of many sizes. The paper will be quite thin and you will also see color on one side of the paper. This is the paper that you should use when you want to display your work. Depending on the look you want, you can also pick up some handmade paper, though you should make sure that it is not too thick.

Instructions for folding

When you begin you will require diagrams and directions of how to fold for making origami art. There are many standard folds in origami, you need to learn these first. Like the mountain fold, in which you need to fold the paper away from yourself and the valley fold where the paper is folded towards you.


Many simple origami pieces like planes and animals are easy enough to do just by looking at the diagrams. As it gets complicated, you will need to be thorough on the symbols that indicate many types of folds. You can also get instructions on the web. Kits of origami are great for those who are just starting as they have all the things in one place.

A folding surface that is flat

The finished look of the project that you undertake in origami will be totally reliant on how flat the folds and creases are. So, you need to work with a surface that is smooth and flat.

Examples Of Easy Origami Animals

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