30 Cool Facebook Cover Photos for 2014

Facebook has really taken off and seems to be the topmost website for social networking. It has folks looking up people from their past, seeking to make new connections, and also using it to generally touch base with those around. It goes without saying that Facebook is a good platform for chatting up with people and give yourself an attractive look. The timeline aspect of Facebook makes this possible.


The best part of timeline is the use of the cover photo or what is known as the Facebook banner. The cover will be on the top portion of the timeline and gives you a chance to use your creativity to add a new facet of your personality for people to see. You can really get creative with this. What you can do is put up a really personal picture of you and use this to draw people in. You can also go about the business of picking a great Facebook picture by going for criteria like the sheer beauty, or on the particular skills you have or based on your special interests. It is said that a really well chosen image can say volumes about your personality.


This means you need to pay a lot of attention to this aspect and pick out a suitable image. The cover photo is on top and is quite large, making people sit up and take instant notice. Apart from personal use, many business as also use this platform to make the world known about what they are offering. The feature is really easy to use and this means you can upload the image with a few simple steps. If making a choice on what to display on the Facebook timeline becomes confusing for you, you can seek help from the vast world of the internet. If not the image itself, you will find many things to inspire and send you in the right direction.


There are many sites that will provide you images that you can use as a banner on Facebook. Since you cannot re-size or cut the image on the Facebook timeline, you need to make sure that you pick images of the correct dimensions. Or else the image will appear incomplete or distorted. You can actually seek images that are made for usage as Facebook banners.  Plus you also have choices based on different occasions, seasons moods and many other criteria. If you are using Facebook for the purpose of your business, you can inculcate the logo of the business in the timeline cover itself. It will definitely add an official look to the whole thing. This is one of the ways to get more exposure for your business and  have a place for customers to come and visit to know more about your company.

Of course, the thing that you need to keep in mind is the usage of the right pictures; the ones that are attractive, awesome and keeping with the theme you want to go with,  will set things in the right direction. This way you will be able to capitalize on this great feature. You can also keep changing and editing covers very easily when you feel the need to. Do keep changing when you feel it is required or you have something new to say or display.


Plus the internet will offer you many sites where you can easily seek to get awesome Facebook cover images without any hesitation. Many of them are even free to download and use. But in case you are looking for something unique to reflect your business, then you should hire a good designer.

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