Know More About The Health Benefits Of Lemons

When it comes to our health there are many things that are part of our daily lives that we take for granted because we do not even know how good they are for you. Take for instance the health benefits of the wonder herb garlic, which we think merely in terms of the taste, and flavor that it brings to our food. We never tend to think of something that is mundane as lemon as having health benefits but you will be pleasantly surprised to know how many benefits it has.

The same is the case with the benefits of low impact exercises that are good for your fitness as well as for other things. The thing is that today the world of internet brings you a lot of information that you can use but it depends on how you make use of them. Take for instance the tips to maintain your car in tiptop condition, just reading it is not enough; you have to follow the instructions too. However, in case of the health benefits of lemons, you are already half way there as you are already consuming them.


Here Are Some Of The Main Benefits Of Lemons:

Keep away kidney stones: Did you know that if you drink half a cup of lemon juice on a daily basis you raise the citrate levels in the urine? This will help you in protecting against the occurrence of kidney stones.

sore throat lemons

Soothe the throat that is sore: Just mix honey and lemon juice in warm water and drink this to keep that throat from becoming too sore. You can feel the difference yourself when you do this.

weight loss lemon

Encourage weight loss: While lemon juice does not make you weight directly, it does help in cleansing the system, which can help you speed up weight loss. This has been proven by many studies.

Right start to the day: The thing is it is always a better idea to start the day with hot water with a dash of lemon juice instead of going for drinks that caffeinated. You will see that the jolt of vitamin C will help in many aspects.

itches lemon 2

Stop itches: If you are suffering from things like insect bites or even poison ivy, applying lemon juice to that area can calm the skin as lemon juice is both anti-inflammatory and could have an anesthetic effect.

digestion lemon

Helps digestion: The consumption of flaxseeds and lemon juice mixed together can help the body get rid of waste materials from the body quickly.

Has properties that are anti-cancerous: There have been studies that have indicated that there are compounds in lemon juice that has the power to protect the cells in your body against damage caused by cancer.

Power of potassium: If you are looking for a hit of potassium for your body, then bananas are not the only way to get them. Lemons too pack a punch of potassium apart from vitamin C.

fever lemon

Helps in bringing down fever: Instead of starving to bring down fever as was suggested, drink a lemon juice mixture to get the temperature to go down.

Make the pH balance out: Since lemons are acidic in nature they are not known for being a good source of alkaline food. However, the good news is they do and this can help in balancing the pH level of your body.

Just think about it – something as affordable and tasty as lemon that is easily available being so full of health benefits. This means that all you need to do is include this tasty treat in more ways to become healthier and happier.

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