15 Strange Facts That Will Change The Way You See The World

We live in a strange world. Wherever we look for answers, it never fails that there will only be more questions to ask. For some people, this is a blessing – they think it is exciting to explore the universe and discover new worlds and have interesting experiences. Other people, however, are more reluctant to uncover the hidden mysteries of the planet. So, whether you fancy yourself as more of an adventurer or a worrier, here are some strange facts. Be prepared to be amazed… or just plain terrified.

Laugh Away All Day

Thirteen times seems like a very unlucky number, don’t you think? Either way, there are a lot of reasons to laugh and celebrate life. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and that laughter carries incredible health benefits. So, maybe the solution, then, is to count our laughter, and make sure to exceed or double that number. Either way, who knew? That’s a lot of guffaws!

Now That’s Commitment!


This sounds like way too much work. He clearly cares very much about completing his joke, but it must have required so much material to complete this intricate prank. It must have been a crazy day for the people that lived around the volcano!

Slobber Swimming!


Well, this is something to think about every time you feel a little saliva well up. What would happen if you got to the end of your life and then had to swim in a pool of your own saliva? That’s gross. But you apparently make enough, so it wouldn’t be totally impossible, in a theoretical world. Either way, that’s so much spit we create. Yum.

  1. A Violent People

There’s so much violence in this world. Remember just a few points ago when we were talking about how people laugh thirteen times every day? What happened to that? Well, regardless, if you’re feeling mad today, then you should remember that we as a species need to improve on our violence levels, and we owe it to each to be nicer and better behaved.

  1. Snail’s Are Getting Freaky

There’s a time and a place for… everything, I suppose. Although I wouldn’t necessarily consider snails to be the pinnacle of sexuality, it’s kind of weird that they have their genitals right behind their eye stalks. That’s got to be the height of kink, right? Weird!

  1. Just Thinking About The Wet

This is true. It’s funny that the body is at least seventy percent water, but the brain itself is eighty percent water. Apparently it takes a lot of water to control a lot of other water. That’s how the body works, definitely. But really though, when you feel like you might be struggling intellectually, just remember that it’s not really your fault that the electric currents won’t run through water in your brain. That’s just how it works. It’s science.

  1. Bad Guys Being Good

Everyone has positives and negatives in their life. Sometimes, violent, terrible gangsters can do really positive things that help empower others. Like the violence post, remember that it is up to us as individuals to make the world a more positive place. Even if it is really weird. And strange. But if a wanted criminal can make people happy, you can too. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  1. Making Family Mad Is Never A Good Idea

Apparently, the Germans bombed their own family. And that didn’t end up well for anybody. So if you’re making a destructive decision, remember that you need to… plan more carefully. But, also, don’t make destructive decisions.

  1. What An Old Man

This fact is old. At this point SpongeBob is actually twenty-eight. Also, this is how you know that you are doing alright in life. If SpongeBob can make it to twenty-eight and still be such an immature goofball, then you are probably going to make it as well. Also, just to think about it – that would mean that he’s been failing his driver’s license test for twelve years now. That is a feat in and of itself. That should be its own strange fact.

  1. Cute Forever.

If I ever go blind, can I get a seeing-eye goose? Because that would serve its purpose even better than a dog. Have you ever heard a goose honk? It’s terrifying. Not only would a seeing-eye goose be an interesting conversation starter, but the honking would also keep away everyone that I want to keep away. But in all serious… this is adorable and we should all just keep looking at the picture forever.

  1. That’s Why They’re So Grumpy

Crocodiles…has anyone ever actually wondered if this is actually a thing? If you ever see a crocodile’s tongue, you should probably run away and just accept that your life is probably about to end.

  1. Dogs and Their Noses

It’s the same idea about licking your finger and sticking it into the air. Just for dogs. And their senses are infinitely better than ours are.

  1. This Picture Is Terrifying

Really though, tongues should be their own separate fact. Because they are literally the weirdest muscle in the human body. The fact that everyone has a separate set of tongue prints is fascinating. That being said, I’m not sure I will be able to spend much time thinking about that while I’m currently suffering from intense gross out from this picture. Eww.

  1. No Fun, China

If Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Skype are all illegal in China, what do the Chinese do to amuse themselves when they’re bored? Read books? Talk to friends? Socialize? That sounds terrible.

  1. Give Me a Dub-ya!

President George W. Bush was once a cheerleader. Which kind of makes sense, if think about it. Yes? No? Weird? I agree.


These strange facts are incredibly intriguing, if not a little freaky. Now go out and try to live a normal life with this new knowledge – we dare you.

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