Eight Weird News We Have Seen So Far In 2013

News from around the world is something that is available to us, thanks to the number of television channels available today.  But when we talk of news we generally refer to the political, economical, natural and sports related subjects. We may also come across the occasional human interest story among other subjects but did you know that there could be some bizarre and weird news that get reported on a regular basis. Here is a list of some of the strange and weird news for the current year:

Bizarre loo seats for a restaurant: It has finally happened; people are sitting on toilet seats while having a meal and enjoying some casual chitchat. Maybe some of us would have dreamed of sneaking a sandwich or two when we are in the loo, but a full fledged dining experience? But this is true, there is a restaurant named “The Magic Restroom” just outside of Los Angeles where you can have the full on experience of toilet dining.

Customers play cards on toilet seats at a toilet-themed restaurant in Shenzhen
Kangaroo gets help at a pharmacy: What would a kangaroo do when it needs medical aid? Why, it would hop all the way to a pharmacy to get the medicines that it requires! Weird as it sounds this is what happened in Melbourne, where an injured kangaroo made people gasp in surprise as it wandered the aisles of a pharmacy. It was then captured and given over to the care of a veterinarian.

weird news (1)
Dream of treasure and get people to dig: In a weird turn of events a guru based in India claimed that he had a dream where he was told to dig at a certain place to find 1000 tons of gold. According to the guru, the spirit of the king who ruled the palace approached him in his dream and asked him to dig for the gold at the palace so that his spirit could be liberated.

weird news (2)
Lock the car or a bear could get in: 
In Truckee which is a town in California, apparently bears are roaming around foraging for food in cars. Some of them have apparently gotten into the car and locked themselves in by mistake according to the reports. Now the local police are warning people to keep their cars locked to prevent this from happening. Imagine walking to your car in the morning to go to work and being faced by an angry bear locked in the car?

weird news (3)
Squirrel porn makes French bank squirm
:  A French bank had to apologize for showing a squirrel hanging by its testicles from a bird feeder which they used for an insurance campaign. The reaction of the customers made them realize their mistake and they took down the images and apologized for their mistake.

weird news (4)
Accident by high heel
: This is one fashion passion that was too dangerous as was discovered by this 35 year old women in Attenborough Nature Reserve, near Nottingham as the heel plunged through the frozen water causing her to be stranded. Later on she was rescued by  Ian, a fireman.”

weird news (5)
Halloween decorations too scary?
:  Well, Halloween is all about spooky but there is simple spooky and too spooky as was discovered by James Creighton when looking at his scary decorations made kids cry as they passed his house in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Stevenage Halloween House
Einstein like teenager delighted about ball
: A teenager, Lauren Marbe, who has been tested and found to have an IQ of 161 is very excited to be attending a ball in Paris, where she will be presented along with 24 other debutantes.

weird news (7)

As you can see from the above mix of strange and weird stories, you can see the world is indeed a strange and beautiful place.

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