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10 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes from your Home

10 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes from your Home

May be you are fed up after using various types of chemicals to repel mosquitoes from your home. Mosquitoes irritate us mostly in the summer and the winter time and we try a lot things keep them out of the house. But actually nothing works miraculously. Even some chemicals that we are using are very

10 Raw Foods that Helps in Balancing Female Hormones

It’s like a machine and fuel. A human body is full of the activities of hormones. Like a car can’t run without its fuel, a human body also can’t run without the hormones. So now you can understand the importance of hormones in a human body. Especially when we talk about the women body, they

10 Great Remedies to Treat Dry Skin around Eyes

Dry skin around eyes is a very common problem in human beings. Normally, there are various reasons behind the cause of such skin problem. Most of the common reasons are dermatological problems, using harsh chemicals, massive skin stress and climate change. If you are going through any such problems, you should immediately be very cautious

Health Benefits Of The Wonder Herb Garlic

When it comes to health of people, today there is a lot of information that is talked about, discussed and available online. This is because with the change in circumstances and lifestyles, people are increasingly more concerned about the health issues that they are facing. One of the common factors that keep popping up is

25 Exclusive WordPress Magazine Themes

When you start a blog or site on WordPress one of the things that you look for is a good theme. This is because the theme is an important part of the visual that a visitor gets on the site and this should match with the content you have on the site and the product

7 Feng Shui Mistakes That You Should Avoid

All of us live for a life that is filled with plenty of opportunities, good health, love, happiness and also lots of energy. Feng Shui is a way of ensuring that your surroundings are in harmony and the flow of energy is positive so that all the good things you desire come to you. Feng