The Most Beautiful Beaches Around The Globe

The world is full of many beautiful sights for us to behold and while different people have different ideas about the kind of sights they like to see, most people will agree that beaches are a thing of beauty. Beaches are places that will always hold a special appeal to most of us as they offer something of an idyll and this is something that we all require. Here we are going to show you visions of beaches that are the best in the world and unlike the 6 mysteries of the world that will keep you awake at night, these will soothe you.

While you have strange facts that will change the way you see the world, the sight of these lovely beaches is not one of them. It is not surprising that being on beaches or even looking at pictures of beaches can be immensely uplifting. The fact is water is an element that has a huge amount of importance in the way homes are arranged. In fact the placement of the water element among other things would be among the Feng Shui mistakes that you should avoid.

Now That We Have Told You Some Factors That Contribute To Making Beaches Such A Special Place To Be In, Let Us Take A Look At Some Of The Most Beautiful Beaches Around The Globe:

anze lazio praslin seychelles

Anse Lazio, Seychelles: This long and lovely beach in Seychelles boasts of really blue water along with soft sand. The beach has swinging palms and other greenery around it along with some boulders for dramatic effect.

matira beach, french polynesia

Matira Beach, French Polynesia: This is one of the most known beaches in Tahiti with its powdery sand and emerald lagoon not to mention the tropical foliage. The best part is that this beach is accessible by public without having to pay for it.

waipio valley beach hawaii

Waipio Valley Beach in Big Island, Hawaii: This one takes a lot of effort to reach as it means traveling through difficult terrain to reach but it is definitely worth it. You will arrive at a beach with black volcanic sand that has huge cliff walls on the side with thick rainforests surrounding them.

honopu beach hawaii

Honopu Beach Kauai, Hawaii : This again is not easy to reach and can only be reached by water by swimming across. The sand that is cumin in color is also surrounded by cliffs full of vegetation and offers a lot of privacy.

honokalani beach maui hawaii

Honokalani Beach, Maui Hawaii: With the black shore and striking lapis lazuli colored water the intense foliage, this beach will have you reaching for your camera to click as many images as possible. The sand is actually composed of very small lava pebbles.

el-castillo mexico

El Castillo, Tulum, Mexico: It is at the base of huge cliffs of limestone that tower over you. There is the silvery sand leading to the clear Caribbean Sea that is shallow and is lined with palms and vegetation on the side.

fraser island queensland australia

Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia: We all know that there are many lovely beaches in Australia and this one stands out among them. There is the golden beach which has bronze cliffs on one side and rich foliage on the other side.

lopes mendes brazil

Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande, Brazil: This lovely beach takes some doing ( a long ride, ferry, taxi boat and hike) to reach but once you get there, you will find yourself grateful that you made the effort. You can enjoy the wilderness, the clear water, the shrubs, and the lack of restaurants in this lovely area.

blinky beach australia

Blinky Beach, Australia: This one offers excellent opportunities to surf and is very pretty. It is located between Mutton Bird Lookout and Blinky point. To add to this there is soft white sand and the azure waters.

el nido philippines

El Nido. Philippines: This one has not been discovered by the public at large and houses as many as 50 beaches. All of them have limestone formations to add some drama and also has the softest and finest white sands. The sea here is so blue that it provides the right contrast.

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