The Ten Best Sources Of Protein For Vegetarians

Today the whole world is talking about health and the many ways in which you can work at improving it. This is a good trend as it helps people make informed choices unlike the past where traditional diets based purely on geography had been mixed up due to a global availability of most food items. You can find out what are the benefits of eating fruits daily for instance are. This can help you decide on what foods, including fruits  would suit you even when you are trying to cut down sugars in your diet. While we have been enjoying the taste and flavor that garlic brings to our food it is only now we are realizing the health benefits of the wonder herb garlic.

If you are throwing a dinner party and some preparations that you need to do include planning a vegetarian diet, then you should definitely know the sources of protein for vegetarians. Proteins are an important part of your diet as they not only help you in building up muscles but also help you feel hungry less often. However, many people are confused about the sources of protein for vegetarians as it is normally assumed that meat is the prime source of proteins. You will be surprised to know that there are many vegetarian sources of proteins that you can use while planning a healthy diet.

Here Are Ten Sources Of Protein For Vegetarians:


Soya: This can be consumed in many forms right from nuggets to tofu or in the form of soya milk. For those who like to eat soya and for those that suits them, soya is a great source of low-fat protein.


Pulses: Cooked in variety of forms with herbs and spices, this is a great source of protein for vegetarians that is both filling, healthy and also fat free.


Legumes: Soaked overnight and cooked in various sauces along with some tomatoes and onion or with other vegetables, or steamed to be added to salads, this makes a great source of protein.


Nuts: Eaten in moderation, nuts form a powerhouse of energy and nutrients that vegetarians can use as a source of protein. Nuts can be enjoyed on their own or as an addition to salads and pastas.

cottage cheese

Cottage cheese: This is a milk product that can be added to vegetable or fruit salads and used to bulk up any meal or even eaten by itself.


Yoghurt: This makes a great source of protein without the addition of fats and can be transformed into a great dressing for salads or in the form of dips. This is a good source of protein and can be made to be of less calories by removing the fat from the milk.

peanut butter

Peanut butter: Peanuts and peanut butter is a great way to add protein for vegetarians to enjoy as part of their breakfast or even add to their main meals. There are many inventive dishes that you can prepare with peanut butter starting from breakfast to dessert.


Eggs: You will find often that even vegetarians consume eggs even though they don’t eat meat. Eggs are a very versatile way for vegetarians for consuming proteins in many delicious ways.


Seeds: There are many seeds like pumpkin seeds and other seeds that can make a good source of proteins for vegetarians. You can use seeds to add as a topping on salads or pastas or by themselves as a snack.


Quinoa: This is known to be superfood that works as a source of proteins for vegetarians. It can be cooked in various ways for vegetarians to enjoy as a healthy part of their diet.

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