The Ten Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Gardens Of The World

When somebody said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, they surely meant a garden. This is because gardens are things of beauty that is not static in that they keep changing, growing and evolving as per the changes in the season. How do you rate gardening as a hobby? We are sure that gardening can never remain just a hobby; it is soon likely to be a passion or even obsession. In fact, having a hobby like gardening can come in handy if you are thinking of working from home to keep you fit and happy.

We are sure that many people want to visit new places and have new experiences which is why they look up places to visit, but one must also check out the best gardens around the world. While you do need to find out which are the best holiday destinations in the USA, we feel you should also check out the most breathtakingly beautiful garden around the world.

That Is Why We Present To You A List Of The Top Ten Gardens From Around The World:

gardens of the world 1

The Garden Of Cosmic Speculation In Scotland: This garden which is open to the public view only once a year is inspired by mathematics and science. The design of the garden is based on specific ideas that the creators had and is also made to provoke ideas too.

best gardens of the world 2

The Keukenhof Gardens In The Netherlands: The sheer display of colorful flowers here  will have you reaching out to your camera to capture some of it. what is more, this garden is home to a huge variety of tulips.

best gardens of the world 3

Suan Nong Nooch In Thailand: With an ethereal touch that reminds you of fairy tales, this garden is based in Pattaya and is popular due to the lovely vistas here.

best gardens of the world 4

Versailles In France: This garden was built in the past and had to be created with a lot of effort. The earth had to be shifted around without the help of machinery to create this garden and trees from all over the country were planted here.

best gardens of the world 5

Jardim Botânico De Curitiba In Brazil: It is a botanical garden that holds its place as a tourist attraction in the city of Curitiba, the biggest city in the south of Brazil. The greenhouse here has a metallic structure that provides a nouveau touch.

best gardens of the world 6

Butchart Gardens In Canada: The stunning views here is enough to make this garden among the most known around the world. Each season here is filled with colors that are vibrant and prone to remain in your mind for a long time.

best gardens of the world 7

Yuyuan Garden In China: Estimated to be over four centuries old, this garden has many of the Chinese elements like ponds, rock gardens, walls lined with dragons among other many such features.

best gardens of the world 8

Shalimar Garden In Pakistan: Built in the Mughal style, it was built during the modern era. It is shaped in the form of an oblong parallelogram and is protected by a wall with fretwork that it is famous for.

best gardens of the world 9

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden In Minnesota: Known for the centerpiece consisting of a spoon bridge with cherry, this place is the pride of the city. There is a playful geometry to the garden that you will find appealing.

best gardens of the world 10

Ryoan-Ji In Japan: It is a Zen style garden and has a Ryoan-ji temple and has a style that is called the dry landscape. It is surrounded by a low wall with austere arrangement of rocks.

What garden among the top ten is your favorite? We are sure that though you will find it difficult to pick out one as your favorite, we are sure you will definitely like one of them more than others will. Do tell us about it.

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