Top 55 Tribal Tattoo Designs For Men And Women


If you see someone sporting a tribal tattoo containing a dolphin, it’s probably not just because they think sea creatures are cute. Several Greek and Roman myths present dolphins as saviors for the lost, as they save those who are lost at sea countless times in these ancient tales. Those who follow the Hindu religion also believe that the dolphin was the only animal worthy of being able to carry the goddess of the Ganges River, placing them in higher nobility over other animals. Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, it’s easy to see that dolphins are considered to symbolically act as wise caretakers.

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While most people are first introduced to the infinity symbol in math class, it stands for more than just an infinite number and makes for a poignant tribal tattoo element. The infinity symbol also represents a lack of limitation or ending in any aspect of life; while each person’s interpretation is different, many use the infinity symbol to describe relationships that will live on forever, or to recognize the concept of eternal life.

Because of the intricacy of the designs, many people opt for a larger piece of artwork when they are interested in a tribal tattoo. While it is possible to choose a more simplistic tribal piece and place it on the ankle or wrist, smaller areas tend to be chosen more frequently by women than by men. For men, the most popular spot on the body to place a tribal tattoo is generally the upper area of the arm or back; some are even brave enough to cover their entire chests or make the tribal design into a full arm sleeve.

Just as your tattoo’s placement is unique to you, some people just love the way that a tribal tattoo looks and aren’t seeking to convey a deep, profound meaning with their ink. Here are a few generic tribal designs in various placements that are perfect for those who love the look but don’t have a particular statement to make. Even if you have a special significance that you would like your tattoo to communicate, these images can still provide you with some great placement ideas for your unique tribal design:


Full back

Upper back
Lower back
Full arm sleeve
Lower arm 
Upper arm
Partial chest
Full chest  tribal-hawaiian-tattoo-on-man-chest

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