Want To Know About Popular Breakfast Pastries? Read On To Know More!

Breakfast is an important meal and one that allows us to go beyond the normally austere and strict diet we are asked to follow. Since it is the first meal of the day after a gap of almost 12-14 hours, doctors tell us to make the meal a hearty one. That is why, in many parts of the world, there is a bit of indulgence that is allowed and people do have a pastry or two. Food is such a popular subject that there are even food tattoos that look good enough to eat and believe us when we say you will be tempted. The fact is that people pay a lot of attention to homes and we are always looking at lavish & luxurious and the biggest houses in the world while wondering what the residents eat at all times.


There is no doubt that looking at pictures of foods from all over the world would almost be as popular as looking at super sexy pin up girl tattoo designs, if not more.

That Is Why You Should Know About These Delicious And Awesome Breakfast Pastries That Are Eaten All Over The World:


The croissant: This buttery and flaky pastry is something that the French specialize in making. These come plain or with various fillings. It is indeed a great way to start the day when your breakfast comprises of croissants with some hot milky coffee or with some thick hot chocolate.


Muffins: Ranging from the healthy version to many flavors, this breakfast pastry is eaten as it is or when in a plain form is toasted lightly and eaten with butter and/or jam or some sort of fruit preserves.

danish roll

Danish roll: These beauties are soft sponge cake rolls with a layer of sugar or cream or jam or some such filling applied on them. Eating these for breakfast is almost akin to eating a bit of dessert in your first meal of the day.


Doughnuts: These fried pastries are unabashedly a hot favorite; hot and crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this one has many avatars. There is the basic doughnut that is dusted with sugar, there is jelly filled doughnut. The many frosted varieties that are eaten on the go for a very satisfying breakfast.


Bagel: This dense and chewy pastry is often cut into half and is eaten with cream cheese and in many cases lox or salmon. In appearance, this pastry resembles the doughnut though it is thicker and bigger. This pastry is not fried but boiled and then baked.

banana and walnut bread

Banana and walnut bread: Though this item is called a bread, this one is almost as rich as a cake. There are many versions of this and if you want, you can work at making a healthy version of the banana bread and serve it to your kids on a regular basis.

We are sure there are many other pastries that are consumed by people across the world. To name a few these include items like fig rolls, cheese straws, cinnamon rolls, puff pastries with various fillings, scones (both sweet and savory) and various tarts.

The fact is while it is quite acceptable to indulge yourself in a rich breakfast with pastries once in a while, it is always better if you can restrict this to rare occasions. Even if you are tempted to consume pastries on a regular basis, take care to add plenty of fresh fruits, nuts, and whole meal flours to the preparation of these to ensure a healthier take on the original versions.

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